STRIDE Incline Bench

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Upgrade your fitness equipment with the STRIDE Incline Bench and guarantee your clientele an enhanced training experience that combines safety, versatility, and elegance.

The STRIDE Incline Bench is not only tough but also looks great in any gym. It's built with solid materials, durable cushioning, and precise seams that add a touch of class.

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600,08 €

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    • Laser-Cut Details: No painted logos or numbers, just clean, laser-cut icons on steel.

    • Adjustable Angles: Back cushion adjusts up to 90 degrees; front cushion offers three settings.

    • Sturdy Construction: Designed for stability and enduring performance.

    • Superior Design: Aesthetic appeal with strong, durable cushioning.

    • Safety Features: Secure locking ensures the bench stays in place during use.

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