The Vault (BE)
From vault to gym


There's something with banks being transformed into a Gym. It must be the 3rd time that we had the opportunity to build a training facility in a former bank building. The Vault is a great Functional Training and Personal Training gym in Kluisbergen (Belgium) and is characterized by its big windows and natural daylight.

For the gym flooring, we've combined a 4m x 20m custom sprint track with logo (glued on shock pad) with our popular Light Stone Connector rubber tiles.

For strength training, we have a setup of two STRIDE Half Racks with a connected platform and another standalone weightlifting platform.

For cardio, we have the Assault Air Runner, Assault Bike and Concept2 Row-erg and Ski-erg.


Oudenaardebaan 2A
9690 Kluisbergen, Belgium
+32 499 62 61 11

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Thibault Poulet

STRIDE Gym designer for Belgium and Luxembourg

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The Vault (BE)
Bruce Janssens 5 September, 2022
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