Allround Physio (DE)
3 gyms in one building in Kleve

How, what and why. 

Not one. Not two. But three gyms were actually built on the same site. The main room at ground level is a big open space with an eye-catching orange rack in the centre. Joined by two identical tufted turf sprint tracks with logo (2x10 meters) and 170 of the black Connecting rubber tiles. This functional training gym is well equipped with a large variety of cardio machines; strength equipment and smaller training tools. The owner's equipment from his previous gym had the added benefit of giving the entire facility a colorful and contrasting look.* To top everything of the gym is also equipped with the finest machines from KEISER, more specifically three Keiser M3i spinning bikes, as well as two Keiser Functional Trainers.

* at STRIDE, one of our main goals is to unify the overall look & feel and an important factor to achieve this is that we produce nearly all black equipment


Two 2x10 Tufted Turf Sprint tracks
170 Connecting PURE BLACK Rubber tiles
175 Outdoor Rubber tiles
One EF HD Cross Training Rig 3-2 (Orange pillars - no extra cost)
And lots and lots of STRIDE equipment

Dennis Huysentruyt, Dennis Huysentruyt 11 October, 2022
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