Royal Antwerp Football Club (BE)
2500m2 gym for elite football


A brief history 

We had the honour of designing the gym for the A-team of the Royal Antwerp Football Club for the 3rd time. Due to the club's rapid growth and investor capacity, the stadium and surrounding buildings have been through a beautiful makeover and several parts have been renewed or newly build. In 2018 we first installed the smaller gym for the main team. It was only 6 months later that we got a meeting request to discuss the designing of the new training areas. We thought of course it was a joke since we'd just finish building their gym, yet It shows the vision of the club and we strongly believe that this vision of growth and professionalization has helped them become top 3 in Belgium as we speak.


The staff wanted to create more privacy for the A-team and designing separate areas was a must. The main space was pretty big and of course, all of us wanted to come up with something that had never been seen. Along the way, it became clear that a huge turf area was what we needed.

Royal Antwerp Football Club (BE)
Leander Verbraeken 11 October, 2022
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