RAPTOR Power Rack with Shelves 1-1

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Step up your lifting game with the STRIDE Power Rack, designed for weightlifters who mean business. This power rack stands out for its stability and variety of storage options, making it a reliable fixture in any gym.

Key Points:

Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-grade steel to withstand the toughest workouts.
Customizable Height: Easy-to-adjust numbered uprights accommodate different user heights.
Scratch-Resistant Finish: A powder coating that resists wear and tear keeps the rack looking new.
Modular Design: Add more features as you go, with over 25 attachments available.

The STRIDE Power Rack is where functionality meets quality, supporting a wide array of exercises for strength and conditioning. It's built to keep up with your fitness journey, session after session.

2.743,33 € 2743.33 EUR 2.743,33 € Excl. Vat

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2.743,33 €

    • 250cm
    • 275cm + 56,70 €
    • 64cm
    • 110cm + 137,25 €
  • SHELF 1
  • SHELF 2
  • SHELF 3

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  • ✓ Premium quality steel: 75mm x75mm x3mm

  • ✓ High precision laser cutting technology

  • ✓ High quality powder coating finish: anti scratch

  • ✓ Premium finish and quality of attachment (J-CUPS)

  • ✓ Numbering on uprights allows easy adjustment for different heights in athletes