Human Movement Athletics (ES)
Flagship in Barcelona


The club consists of a big open space with lots of in-laid turf and a decent zone with rubber Connect Stone Light tiles. Everything was built in 3 days with a 2 person STRIDE consultant team that flew over to Barcelona for helping out the local crew. A few days before the installation date, all equipment and flooring was sent out from the Stride warehouse with a full-load dedicated truck, making sure everything was delivered properly. 

This club is the first of our Spanish showrooms and we're very proud of how it turned out. The cooperation with the owner, Raul Sanchez, went really well and we established a solid foundation for growing the Spanish market together. Feel free to contact him with your questions. 


Go have a look at this beautiful facility in Sabadell, Spain.

CLUB OWNERRaul Sanchez

Raul Sanchez

Human Movement Athletics


An-Sofie De Visscher 11 October, 2022
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