Education providers can use our show- and classroom for free


Want to host an educational event or course?

We support knowledge sharing and education since we believe that it takes our industry to a higher level. We do this by accommodating you for free in our show- and classroom in the STRIDE HQ in Ghent, Belgium.

We have a ready-to-use functional training gym with (almost?) everything you need. Besides that, we have a dedicated theory room with a big 65" flatscreen, 24 chairs and a coffee corner. Our showroom is easy to reach and has a huge parking. All you need to do is plug in your laptop and your good to go!

Does this sound to good to be true? It isn't!

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WHAT WE HAVE to offer

Showroom training equipment

  • 300m2 surface
  • rubber and sprinttrack
  • Hex dumbbell set 1kg - 40kg
  • KB set 4kg - 32kg
  • Bumper Plate sets 5kg - 25kg
  • Fractional plate sets 0,5kg - 2,5kg
  • Several 20kg and 15kg olympic barbells
  • Open and closed hex barbell
  • Landmines
  • Single-leg squat station
  • Hip thruster
  • Glute ham
  • Several plyo boxes (3-1, wooden and stack)
  • Elite medballs 2kg - 12kg (2kg increment)
  • Wall balls 3kg - 5kg - 7kg - 9kg
  • Slam ball 4kg - 20kg
  • Several storage options
  • All kinds of resistance bands
  • Agility cones and hurdles
  • Basic half rack
  • Power Rack
  • Home-training rig including wooden ladder
  • EF Half rack
  • Lifting platform
  • + a lot more

Stations, cardio and more

  • Keiser Functional Trainer
  • Keiser M3i bike
  • Keiser M3i TBT
  • Keiser M5i Crosstrainer
  • DC Athletics treadmill
  • Cryo bath (ICE bath)
  • Cryo chamber
  • Excercise sauna
  • Cryo therapy set

Classroom setup

  • 24 comfortable chairs
  • 65" flatscreen TV
  • USB-C and HDMI cable
  • 3 standing desks
  • Big table
  • Standing 'buffet" table
  • Power cord long and short
  • STRIDE Pens
  • Coffee corner with cups for up to 24 persons
  • Whiteboard


On top of that, all your students get a free STRIDE goodie bag including:

  • A Stride t-shirt
  • Stride kettlebell keychain hanger
  • Stride mini band set
  • Stride printed catalog
  • 20% discount voucher for the webshop


There's little we want in return... some good agreements are all it takes! We want you to:

  • Pre-event and after event clean up
  • Mention Stride, including the STRIDE logo on all your communication
  • Share a short post-event Stride referral, including the discount code in your post-event communication to your peers
  • Allow for one of our crew members to join as a host
  • Some small extra guidelines will be given upon booking

That's it! Easy does it 

Let's get moving

Contact us to sort out if we can host your next event. 

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